Material Handling and Processing

Perform a physical check of goods received or dispatched and verify the item number, description, quantity and referenced PO/WO number.

Match the physical check of the goods to the PO/WO on SAP and accept/dispatch goods if all checks are correct.Check for damages which are to be returned to the supplier and the process in receiving shortages is applicable.

Report discrepancies on supplies and/or damaged goods to the Team Lead. (An NCR may be raised).

Receive/dispatch the goods on SAP only if the documentation matches the physical goods checked which also matches the PO/WO.

Ensure that all on-site deliveries are captured into block stock in SAP (103 transaction) prior to the vehicle entering the works;

Ensure that all deliveries that were captured into block stock (103) on SAP are captured out of blocked stock (105) within 24 hours of physical receipt;

Ensure that all deliveries that were captured into Quality Hold on SAP are captured out of quality hold within 48 hours of physical receipt.

Storage, Transportation and Housekeeping

Ensure that high standards of housekeeping are maintained within all storage and surrounding areas by addressing Safety Incidents of non-compliance, hazards identified, gross negligence and damage to property.

Ensure compliance with safe storage and stacking procedures as well as legal and statutory regulations while stored, loading, off-loading or in transit areas

Setup and optimize layout and space management of all receiving areas;

Ensure that items are transported in a safe manner to relevant storage locations/plants and that material safety data sheets (MSDS) are available when transporting hazardous materials;

Take responsibility for the security of the building, stock, warehouse equipment and people;

Ensure that all physical controls, such as that, gates are kept closed, access to storage areas are controlled etc, are adhered to.

Provide input to stock take planning and schedules and help drive the execution of the plan to ensure accurate stock levels are maintained in SAP.

Assist with periodic and annual stock takes as well as with the investigation, correction and motivation of stock variances.

Warehouse Equipment Maintenance

Ensure that safety awareness is cultivated within the warehouse environment and ensure compliance with all relevant EHS policies, procedure and systems;

Ensure that all team members are adequately trained with regard to the relevant EHS policies, procedure and systems and comply with them. QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS:


Logistics Diploma or Relevant Operations Qualification

3 years’ Experience within relevant role in Logistics

Must have SAP system experience

Knowledge of EHS

Material Handling and Processing

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