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The above-mentioned position is within the ICT Department.
 Provide thought leadership regarding the application of technology to resolve logistics
and supply chain challenges (and efficiency improvements in general).
 Leadership and mentoring of development team.
 Interaction with Clients (internal and external) to analyse and specify requirements.
 Design and implementation of new solutions.
 Support and enhancement of existing solutions.
 Guidance and adherence to agile software development process.
 Coding standards and quality.
 Communicate this strategy by presenting and discussing current and future versions of the
solution/s at a senior level.
 Keep abreast and be informed of changes in IT technology and market trends.
 Manage and oversee the roll-out of application and software development strategies and
plans to internal clients.
 Ensure that application and software development addresses the needs of the clients.
 Create and present professional proposals and presentations that respond to client needs.
 Orchestrate internal resources and technology offerings to improve client service and from
an IT technology service offering perspective, assisting the company to secure new business
 Embark on on-going improvement initiatives that will enhance business applications and
their integration, resulting in efficiencies for the organization.
 Ensure synchronization between business applications, processes, user requirements and
 Supervise and control the workflow of the application development area.
 Ensure the development and enhancement of IT systems and processes.
 Form part of IT Application Development Management Team and be jointly responsible for
the setting of strategic objectives for IT business.
 Be responsible for client relationship management.
 In conjunction with the other Application leads and the Application Development
Manager, create strategic goals and ensure that it is converted into easily implemented
 Lead overall strategy and direction for the application development teams in Web, GUI
and Mobile.
 With the input from Heads of Development and the Solutions Architect be responsible for
the technology vision and planning process that will regularly evaluate existing technology,
current information systems, staffing and research new solutions and technologies in order to
make informed recommend and/or to initiate the changes.
 Bridge the silos/disconnect between the various development teams and ensure a
decrease and eventually the elimination of the occurrence of fragmented application
 Ensure adherence to the software development life cycle, protocols and compliance in
terms of good practice.
 Oversee and direct the development and implementation of software applications.
 Ensure timely and accurate delivery of technology products and services to the client.
 Oversee current system enhancements; and,
 Oversee the management of internal/external application upgrades and ensure that it is in
line with the departmental and broader business strategy.
 Willingness to be on standby after hours as per job requirements.
 B.Sc. or B.Com degree with Computer Science / Information Technology Management
 A relevant Master’s Degree / MBA will be advantageous
 Minimum 7 years’ professional software development experience
 Solid experience in leading application web, GUI and mobile developers
 It's important that you have Project Management experience or understanding that
demonstrates comprehensive knowledge of project management and Scrum
methodologies and practices as well as knowledge of current business landscapes
(politically, operational and commercial astute).
 Financial acumen, the ability to keep abreast with current technology, proven ability to
think strategically and the ability to solve problems with ease should be among your skills.
 You will require the ability to foster teamwork and you will need to have a good track
record and influencing relationships.
 Excellent leadership and network skills, managing and developing yourself and strong
communication and influencing skills will see you flourish in this role
o SQL Server Reporting Services
o HTML5 / mobile technologies
o Silverlight
o Workflow/Business Process
o Microsoft.Net Frameworks
o Web technologies (HTML5, CSS 3, JavaScript , JQuery, Bootstrap, Responsive design.
o Microsoft Web stack(MVC , C#,, razor , IIS ,, WCF/Web services, Web
o Experience in applying test driven development and software engineering best
o Mobile applications development (iOS, Mono, Android) would be advantageous.
 Analytical thinking
 Drives accountability and is a high performer
 Fosters teamwork and collaboration
 Business acumen
 Develops self
 Strong attention to detail and proactive attitude
 Ability to package and present analysis with recommendations to management and
executive teams
 Shows initiative and ability to work independently
 Abstract thinking and conceptual problem solving
 Ability to frame problems and develop solutions aligned to strategic objectives
 Ability to work in complex, changing environments
 Strong ability to organize and prioritize
 Excellent time management skills in order to manage requirements regarding deliverables
 Excellent interpersonal skills and team player
 Ability to perform well under pressure and meet deadlines
 Willingness to learn new systems
 Client focused thinking

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