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Cleaner Team Leader

Johannesburg, Gauteng
2.1 The minimum education requirement is a Grade 12 certificate or equivalent.
2.2 Must have a driver’s licence (code 10).
2.3 Ability to understand the cleaning environment.
2.4 Must be willing to work on a shift basis.
2.5 Must be able to work under pressure.
2.6 Must have leadership ability.
2.7 Able to organise and monitor a team.
2.8 Must be able to communicate in English.
2.9 Must be able to read, understand and convey instructions.
2.10 Problem solving abilities.
2.11 Must be able to motivate others.
2.12 Must be able to apply logic.
2.13 Will attend training as and when required to do so.

3.1 Ensure that the highest level of service to Airlink is maintained.
3.2 Ensure that the team obeys, and adheres to all instructions given.
3.3 Ensuring on-time performance as per scheduled roster or as required by Airlink.
3.4 Ensuring correct wear and care of the company uniform.
3.5 Ensure the team is acting and working in line with the company mission.
3.6 The employee shall be accountable for ensuring operations are conducted in accordance with applicable regulations and standards of the Operator and within the confines of the AOC and relevant operational specifications.
3.7 Responsible for the OHS in their area of responsibility and accountability reporting into this role.
3.8 Accountable for the management of aviation safety and security in their area of responsibility and accountability.

4.1 Responsible to supervise and coordinate a team of Cleaners.
4.2 Inspect all work completed by the team including all paperwork submitted.
4.3 Obey and ensure that the team obeys the instructions given by the company supervisor and manager. This includes Airlink’s crew chief, chief inspector and executive manager.
4.4 Acting and working in line with the company mission.
4.5 Responsibilities must be carried out in accordance with Company Standards as laid out in the manuals of procedure, and Occupational Health and Safety Standards.
4.6 Will assist with any additional tasks within the context of the job description.

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