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1. Manage all client liaison and sales support in the branch offices
• Manage the service delivery to external and internal clients (TCF)
• Handle and report complaints effectively (TCF)
• Manage compliance and effectiveness of client service levels (TCF)
• Monitor the quality of all client services administration towards sales (TCF)
• Assist sales to ensure that sales targets are achieved
• Management, adherence and control of client survey (TCF)
• Management of business retention

2. Manage new business policy administration
• Oversee efficiency & accuracy of data capturing (TCF)
• Oversee compliance of quality assurance on all new business processes (TCF)
• Oversee Tick off procedures and policies (TCF)

3. Manage claims administration
• Review claims to ensure that personnel have processed it promptly, and made notes on the system (TCF)
• Maintain that claims procedures are adhered to (TCF)
• Follow procedures on storage of claims documentation (TCF)

4. Management of budgetary control
• Compile budget
• Manage branch office expenses within budgetary constraints
• Plan and develop methods and procedures to lower operational expenses
• Manage the purchasing, inventory stocks and supplies

5. Report on Branch Office Operations
• Submit report on monthly administration activity on daily functioning of the offices, challenges
• Provide weekly stats to Sales on outstanding correspondence on new business
• Oversee the submission of claims registers

6. Management of logistics
• Ensure branch offices adheres to the corporate identity
• Ensure offices are well maintained
• Liaise with facilities department for any maintenance related issues

7. Responsible for compliance and TCF
• Adhere to company policies and procedures, code of conduct in accordance with FSB and regulatory requirements
• Coach staff on relevant legislation and industry principles
• Coach staff on relevant business rules, policies, procedures (Assupol, CNS, Kestrel and PL)

8. Comply with FAIS requirements
• Supervise employee representative when rendering services under supervision
• Submit supervision evidence to HR on a monthly basis
• Mentor and train supervisee to ensure that they have a proper understanding of products
• Observe meetings between employee and clients

9. Management of staff
• Audit and control of attendance registers
• Manage staff leave
• Monitor and review staff performance monthly and bi-yearly(TCF)
• Manage branch operations effectively
• Responsible for training, development and on-going coaching of staff
• Comply with disciplinary and grievance procedures
• Management of updating IT programs

10. Management of the integration process
• Compliance of cross integration of policies and procedures amongst branch office staff (Assupol, CNS, PL, Kestrel)



1. Formal Education
• Degree in Management

2. Technical / Legal Certification
• RE 5 (Representatives)
• RE 1 (Key Individuals)
• Recognised qualification as per the FSB list of recognised qualifications

3. Experience
• 4 Years’ Experience in the Insurance Industry;
• 3 years in Management
• Experience in Category A, B, C and Retail Benefits

4. Knowledge
• Legislation - FAIS, FICA, FSB, NCA, LTIA, PPR
• Life Insurance Industry - Category 1 (A,B,C)
• Assupol Statute
• HR Legislation - Code of Conduct; BCEA, LRA, Disciplinary Codes, EE

5. Skills
• Computer Skills - Advanced MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook
• Communication Skills - Written and Verbal
• People Management
• Problem Solving
• Interpersonal Skills
• Analytical Skills
• Literacy

6. Attributes
• Leadership
• Motivator
• Ambitious
• Conscientiousness
• Confidence
• Assertiveness
• Ethical - Trustworthy; Values; Principles
• Accountable and Responsible - Time Management;
• People Centric - Team Player

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Job Closing Date 09/02/2018

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