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Standard Bank is the largest bank in Africa and our highly visible brand, award-winning service, and strong global presence helps us maintain our market-leading position. We place huge value on the talent of our people to drive our continued success, and to support our plans for growth. We now need a talented and resourceful individual to help us fulfil our business objectives and build customer loyalty.
Job Purpose
To oversee the overall sales strategy and sales tactic of the Personal Market.
To lead and supervise the Personal Markets sales team with the objective of providing a readily available, service-focused, knowledgeable and experienced point contact for new and existing Personal Market customers.
To ensure that customers’ banking needs are identified and fulfilled efficiently and cost effectively while managing the risks associated with new accounts, mandates and specimen signatures.
To maintain a high level of integrity and ethical standards.
To maximise the opportunities to move market share by segment, where applicable, and to focus on customer attraction and retention in line with Personal and Business Market objectives.

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities Customer Service:
Complete all compliance training within laid down timelines
Arranges customer discussion forums with relevant customers.
Monitors and analyses Customer Experience Measurements (CEM) results to identify strengths and weaknesses.
Ensures that queries and problems are within laid-down time frames.
Ensures that limits are renewed timeously.
Ensures that all letters to customers, applications for facilities, security documents, etc are completed accurately and timeously.
Ensures where applicable that customers are encouraged to make use of self-service channels.
Ensures that customers are provided with an efficient and effective service.
Resolves customer complaints referred by subordinates to the satisfaction of both the customer and the Bank.
Ensures that there is a sufficient number staff in place to meet the fluctuating demands of customers by effectively interpreting and actioning the data provided by the Branch Scheduling Tool (BST).
Maintains and updates all administration pertaining to the BST.
Updates, edits and publishes schedules drawn from BST.
Produces Quest requisition based on BST schedules.
Ensures that workload fit is achieved.
Implements and sustains on-boarding process.
Acts as an Electronic Content Management (ECM) Champion by:
Accessing the ECM box on a daily basis to ensure that the ECM inbox does not have any documents from the previous day
Ensuring that the relevant staff member indexes ECM documents within the required timeframes by following the necessary escalation process
Compliance and Risk Management:
Ensures that all routine controls relative to the service area are applied effectively to ensure risks are minimised.
Ensures compliance with agreed levels of authority and levels of access to systems and info, all applicable laws and regulations and Group policies and procedures.
Monitors and controls risks and recommends revision of controls where appropriate.
Maintains a culture within the sales team that emphasises and demonstrates the importance of internal controls to all staff.
Ensures that all preventative measures are utilised to avoid fraudulent transactions.
Administrates and co-ordinates relevant fraud investigations and losses
Ensures staff awareness regarding fraud.
Provides detailed information to Risk Assurance when a special investigation arises.
Provide detailed information pertaining to losses to the FRLM (Fraud Risk and Loss Management, now known as Financial Crime Control) or IPC (Integrated Processing Centre).
Reports losses for the relevant customer service area and according to laid-down procedures in GRG (Group Reference Guide).
Collates information pertaining to claims by customers and losses incurred and forwards to relevant departments.
Ensures that irregularities identified by Risk Assurance and Internal Audit have been attended to according to laid-down procedures in GRG.
Ensures that Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA) documentation and accountholder records are collated and forwarded to Sales Support for further actioning.
Identifies major risks affecting the support function and monitors internal controls to ensure their adequacy and effectiveness.
Ensures that all aspects regarding track and trace of documents are adhered to according to laid-down instructions.
Maintains information on Security and access control system (SACS) for the relevant branch as per laid down procedure. (If applicable).
Ensures the scrutiny and actioning of the following reports according to laid-down procedures as per GRG:
Scrutinise and action form 00144186 (Customer service reception register).
Familiarise yourself with the Standard Bank physical security policies and procedures by completing the relevant training and adhering to the laid down procedures, requirements and responsibilities, a summary of which is contained in GRG Volume Security Services, Chapter 2 Security Matters, Section 1 Premises, Parts 9-11”
Multi-channel utilisation and servicing to sell:
Manages “cost of sales” through the utilisation of multi-channel delivery strategies.
Identifies cross-selling and migration opportunities and sells products/services reactively.
Completes sales and leads generation tracking forms on a daily basis.
Ensures that targets and budgets are met.
Participates in tactical sales/marketing activities as required.
Identifies and actions opportunities for cross- and up-sell.
Identifies migration opportunities and sells products/services reactively.
Manages work list queues to ensure items are actioned within agreed timelines, and/or re-assign staff to different queues to ensure work completed within agreed timelines
Ensures staff are appropriately reflected on the organisation structure for distribution of work items to the correct staff/teams
Monitors and manages the performance of team members, as it relates to Leads, Queries and Complaints management.
Coaches staff on the required behaviours to support the Customer 1 st system.
System Access Administration:
Assigns users to the organisation structure.
Adds/removes user access.
Re-sets passwords.
Logs Team Track requests for all hardware and telephony related problems.
Loads users to the Multi-Function Device (MFD) system.
People Management:
Responsible for inspiring, motivating, leading and managing the team.
Responsible for the recruitment, development and retention of relevant skills in order to meet the business needs.
Ensures the effective selection of staff by matching the skills and competencies to the requirements of the job.
Ensures skills assessments and competency-based training takes place as and when required.
Ensure 100% compliance training to be completed by all staff.
Builds organisational capabilities through evaluating likely future requirements and ensuring that individuals are provided with the best possible development opportunities in line with these.
Creates an environment in which learning and development are emphasised and valued.
Takes personal responsibility for coaching and mentoring others.
Effectively delegates authority and responsibility, in line with business objectives, to ensure the empowerment, motivation and effectiveness of all direct and indirect reports.
Promotes a culture where the values of the Bank are seen to be ‘alive’
Ensures the implementation of the leadership promise and employee engagement programme.
Encourages team members to express their views, resolves issues raised by the team, escalates issues if required, and provides feedback to teams on an ongoing basis.
Develops and maintains an open communication channel with direct reports and supports staff to foster greater co-operation and teamwork.
Monitors and manages the performance and development of staff within the area. This includes regular one-on-one feedback sessions, conducting mid-year and final performance appraisals, as well as the moderation and relative distribution of all appraisals for the team.
Drives the Talent Review Sessions and succession planning, in conjunction with Human Resources (for SBG11 – SBG13 only).
Fosters the transformation of the workplace and supports business in the achievement of the undertakings in the transformation scorecard, with specific attention to attaining the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) targets for Standard Bank by 2016.
Ensures staff are appropriately and consistently rewarded and recognised for their achievements and outputs.
Ensures that disciplinary action and grievances are addressed and aligned to the Standard Bank policies and procedures.
Scrutiny of reports:
Scrutinise/action the following reports according to laid down procedures (where applicable).

Preferred Qualification and Experience
Institute of Bankers or related qualification is an advantage
FSB listed qualification
3 – 4 years’ branch banking experience with leadership experience.

Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise
Computer literate
Good verbal and communication skills
Good negotiation skills
Good mentoring and coaching skills
Good leadership skills
Socially Confident
Works well in teams.
Easily assumes team identity.
Able to express own opinion and convince others.
Structured, systematic and organised,
Diligent and conscientious.
In control of emotions and behaviour.
Able to lead people, build teams and relationships.
Supportive and able to give recognition to others.
Able to follow through and complete tasks.
Pays attention to detail.
Enjoys seeing clients, analysing their needs, negotiating and selling.
Enjoys training and developing people.

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