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1.Inspect all community spaces daily to identify problems with litter, mechanical failure or breakdowns
2.Respond to tenants’ requests for maintenance services, including replacing air filters, installing new locks and troubleshooting smoke detectors
3.Repair plumbing, electrical and safety systems in tenants’ units as required
4.Ensure the parking lot and sidewalks are free from litter and debris
5.Maintain sprinkler system and trash receptacles on the premises
6.Test performance of in-unit appliances, such as refrigerators, microwaves, stoves, ovens and coffee makers
7.Provide tenants with advice and guidance on maintaining their apartment homes.
8.Respond to requests from property managers and maintenance services as needed

2.Experience with plumbing and electrical systems required
3.Excellent facility with common hand and power tools
4.Familiarity with apartment unit layouts and infrastructures
5.Ability to communicate well with property management and maintenance staff
6.Willingness to uphold company standards for safety, tenant service and efficiency

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