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Our Graduate Program

We put a lot of time and thought into the design of our graduate program to ensure that it has the greatest impact for the business and the graduates who are participating on the program. Our program is not only designed around providing the business with the right mix of people and skills at the right time but also providing graduates with a set of skills and a mind-set that will position them for a successful career in any industry.

Pick n Pay’s graduate program is delivered over a two year period. In year one of the program graduates will complete a structured program based on the role they have been selected for. In year two graduates who have successfully completed their first year and have been appointed as permanent employees have the opportunity of completing the second year of the graduate program.

Year One of the Graduate Program

Currently there are two graduate streams which help graduates focus their learning in a particular area of the business, a Commercial/Merchant stream and a Store Operations stream. Typically the Commercial/Merchant stream is for graduates working in the areas of Buying, Demand Planning, Supply Chain/Logistics, Marketing and Finance. The Store Operations stream is for graduates working in roles based in our store management teams.

Graduates from both of these streams complete a formal retail program through our graduate development school delivered in partnership with recognised industry experts. This part of the program gives graduates exposure to benchmark standards and process and immerses them in the retail value chain from end to end.

Whilst completing the formal program graduates are placed into the areas of the business they are destined to work in on successful completion of their first 12 months. Graduates report directly to a line manager who is responsible for managing their day to day activities and ensuring they are exposed to all aspects of the business. Learning in this area is clearly defined and allows both graduate and manager to assess progress, identify areas for development and to plan for success. Regular progress discussions are held between line managers, graduates, coaches and HR business partners to ensure that goals are met and additional resources are made available where needed.

During this year graduates have the opportunity to engage with staff working in all functions across the business including senior and group executive managers.

Year Two of the Graduate Program

Once a graduate has successfully completed year one of the program and has been selected for permanent appointment they have the opportunity of participating on the Management Advancement Program run by Wits business school. This program which is at post-graduate level allows graduates to accelerate the development of their management skills which are a necessary component to progress into management level positions.

Available graduate positions

Graduate Buyers (South Africa)
Graduate Buyer (Zambia, Nigeria)
Graduate Demand Planners
Graduate Trainee Store Manager
Graduate Logistics/Supply Chain
Graduate Marketing (Digital Brand & Analytics)
Graduate Finance


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